About Us

Since 1993

In all the activities and undertakings of the company.

The headquarters for your favorite party bevarages in Worner Robins is BENNET'S LIQUORS at 800 RUSSELL PKWY. Phone 478-923-8109.

Courteous and helpful service is a hallmark of this establishment, which has served this area for some time.

Most of the beverages items you will need for that event you're planning are sold here. Make them your one-stop shopping place for beverages and mixers.

If it is wine or champagne you want, they have the most extensive selection and are always glad to suggest the suitable drink for the occasion.

All of the most popular brands of liquors are normally kept in stock and arranged in attractive displays.

It is not an easy job to properly select the right types and brands of the many hundreds of liquor stores on the market today, but through much study and careful evaluation this store always seems to have just what one desires.

If you are under 21, please go to A soft drink website.

We accept all major Credit/Debit Cards