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Special Offer

The highest level of training for those who want to become a winemaker.
Level of the program allows you to become a professional sommelier.
Anyone can get necessary knowledge about wine and alcoholic beverages.
Our winemakers and technicians collect the highest quality grapes.


  • I graduated from special courses of winemaking. Grateful to all teachers-professionals. Now got the desired job in this company and am happy that I have the ability to produce the world's best wines. Thanks to my favorite company!
    Lisa Smith
  • I was in the center of the culture of wine and I am pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the territory of the center, a museum and a selection of wines and brandies, which I managed to taste. No wonder I definitely recommend to visit this place, I'm happy. Good luck and further development to the plant and increase started.
    Jan Max
  • Vast vineyards, which are the raw materials for the preparation of wines, cognacs and grape vodka, are located on the territory of the company along with its own factory and company store, and a quiet, cozy restaurant with products manufactured at the plant. We loved it!
    John Adams